Active Radar

Welcome to my updated radar page!

Now you can see active radar loops for every area of the United States. This page may take a moment to load.
Refresh the page to see the latest loop. Enjoy!
There has been some questions about the time shown on the radar loops below.
The National Weather Service (NWS) uses “UTC” time. That is “Universal Coordinated Time” on their charts and graphs.
Why does the NWS use UTC time?
In order to allow comparison of surface conditions at the same time throughout the world, the groups regulating the collection of hydrometeorological data have established a standard time for taking observations. These observations will have times observed within the 10 minutes preceding the UTC standard time.
What is the conversion to Eastern Standard Time? Coordinated Universal Time is 5 hours ahead.
Click on this link to find a handy converstion table.

Active Radar Loops Across the USA

The Northeast and Southeastern USA

Northeast Radar Loop

placeholder image

Southeast Radar Loop

placeholder image

The Midwest, Great Lakes, and Mississippi Valley

Central Great Lakes

Upper Mississippi Valley

The West - Pacific Northwest and the Pacific Southwest

The Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Southwest

The Southern Plains and Alaska

The Southern Plains

placeholder image


placeholder image

Coordinated Universal Time to Eastern Standard time conversion table

Use the chart below to determine the eastern standard time of the radar loops above.

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